Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009


My elder brother passed away on Monday, April 6th. During Holy Week there are no funeral masses celebrated so his services are a wake today and a Catholic Mass on Monday.

Please say a prayer for my brother, Lyn..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Talking about procrastinating .. that's what I have been doing for a month. I have lots to say and have chosen to begin with something that began in February during a mission being held at the church. A nicely dressed black lady chose to sit next to me and she introduced herself as a convert to catholicism and a retired doctor of podiatry. We "hit if off" quite well and for many nights we exchanged phone calls. She said she voted Republican all her life but because Obama was black she voted for him. That was okay with me because I would probably have done the same thing. Each call she did most of the talking, I interjected when I disagreed. I heard about slavery, the civil war and that blacks needed pride of ownership. Here I interjected and asked her exactly what she meant about ownership. Do you mean that like everybody that they work for it? I never got an answer. I talked about abortion and as a Catholic she couldn't condone it. She said Obama cares nothing about that at all, the supreme court decides it, that he is just a "puppet" (her words). She talked about us voluntarily ending our lives at 70 yrs. old as we have lived our life and should let others have a life. I said, You would do that? She said, " Yes I would, it is the right thing to do." I said, "Is it because you are not 70 yet?" All the while she was saying these things, icy chills were running up and down my spine. What have we become? All we can do now, is hope in the Lord. I have provided a link to an article I think is great. It is written by Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV.

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