Saturday, December 26, 2009


Although our weather was very 'rough" Christmas Eve, I managed to attend a Christmas Vigil at 5PM. I don't know about other areas of the country but we no longer have what we called a Midnight Mass. To me, that's sad. I am not saying the Mass I attended was not beautiful, it was. Made especially so by the young people's choir which was composed of mostly girls and my two grandsons, ages 12 and 13. The high voices of the girls and the deep voices of my grandsons created a beautiful harmony. I have no doubt that the participation of these young people was most pleasing to the Lord.

I stayed the night at daughter's home as I live near the Pascagoula River and a bridge was underwater. I am aware that the Lord said He would not destroy us by water ever again but we certainly have had our share of destructive WATER.

I am prayerfully looking forward to the New Year and pray that the pendulum swings back to the good life.