Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well, it's almost Thanksgiving and I have so much to thank Our Lord for this year. Of course it's not the Thanksgivings of years ago when I was cooking for a relatively large family. As they grew into adults and married, I was still providing the "feast". It took three days to have everything ready for my children, their husbands and grandchildren. I seldom sat as I was serving them. I enjoyed it all. This year I will be dining with my youngest daughter and her family. I was only asked to prepare one dish and that was a cold potato salad that has been in the family forever. Also there will be a Mass at 8AM that I plan to attend. Will be a great way to start the day.

I am jubilant by all the Catholics that are on the Internet, the News want us to think that there are only a small minority of us. Not so!.

A Blessed Thanksgiving Everybody, I will see you soon.

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Anita said...

Three days... Oh boy am I a procrastinator....

I'm excited about all our fellow Catholics out here in the blogosphere too. Need all the encouragement we can get!!